Wise Up 

Is a nationwide HIV prevention program targeting sex workers, their clients and other most at-risk populations (MARPs). It is aimed at expanding HIV prevention services among sex workers and their clients. Wise Up is working to bring HIV prevention services to venues associated with transactional sex so that we can reach sex workers and their clients and address the underlying factors, like limited access to condoms and other information and services that go hand-in-hand with HIV transmission.
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Achievements made so far

11,300 stakeholders

Around more than 11,300 stakeholders are oriented and engaged in Wise Up

120,000 sex workers

 120,000 sex workers are trained and directly reached 

2.5 million IEC/BCC

Approximately 2.5 million IEC/BCC materials distributed

92 sex workers self help​ groups

Total of 92 sex workers cooperatives, self-help groups and associations are formed.

450 mass events

450 mass events on promoting safer sex practice are organized.

6 million people

Altogether, more than 6 million people addressed

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Wise Up Initiatives

“Condomize Do Not Compromise”

Is an initiative which is designed to increase awareness on consistent condom use among the Most At Risk Population to HIV/STI. It is primarily implemented by UNFPA and other Wise…

Wise Up Media, Art and Culture

The Wise-Up program relies heavily on various awareness raising activities like promotional events and festivals to spread its message to its target audience. We, thus, setup a separate department within…

Wise Up Cooperatives and Self Help Groups

The Wise Up program works towards the Socio-economic empowerment of sex workers through alternative IGA cooperatives. Currently Timeret Lehiwot Ethiopia in partnership with DKT Ethiopia in the Wise Up program…

Safer Life Campaign

A one-month-long (December) Safer-Life campaign will carry out different activities concerning HIV/AIDS, STIs and 100% &  condom use by entertaining and informing youths and Most-at Risk-Groups.  This initiative is implemented by…