About Wise Up

Wise Up is DKT’s generic condom promotion and HIV prevention program implemented by Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia targeting sex workers, their clients and other most at-risk populations (MARPs). It is aimed at expanding HIV prevention services among sex workers and their clients. This is planned to be made happen by bringing HIV prevention services to venues associated with transactional sex so that we can reach sex workers and their clients and address the underlying factors, like limited access to condoms and other information and services that go hand-in-hand with HIV transmission.

Sex workers training, condom promotion events, drop-in centers service provision, stakeholder meetings, trainings for police officers and establishment owners are among the major activities and services launched by the program to prevent HIV/AIDS. Recognizing that many women and girls rely on transactional sex because they have few alternatives for making a living, the program also incorporates income generating activities. The program operates in 28 Cities found in all regions of the country.

Program Goal

To reduce the transmission of HIV/STIs by increasing condom use among sex workers and clients.


1. Increase the percentage of sex workers who practice safe sex by promoting the use of condoms and by providing HIV prevention information, commodities and services.

2. To increase the percentage of venues that maintains stocks of condoms.

3. To increase the % of venue owners, managers, and other gatekeepers who advocate correct and consistent condom use.

4. To increase the percentage of sex workers that access reproductive health, STI, HCT, ART, psychosocial, and economic support services.

5. To Empower sex workers to improve their condom negotiation skills and power (economic empowerment)6. Improve Networking & Capacity Building for Sustainable HIV Prevention Programming for adults and young people engaged in transactional sex.