Primary Target Groups – Female Sex Workers (FSWs)

Due to their high HIV prevalence, to their increased ability to transmit HIV when co-infected with other STIs and to the broad population groups they reached through their clients, sex workers (SWs) have often been described as most at-risk and hence are the main targets of the program.

Other Target Groups:

There are other MARPs specific for regions, districts, towns, urban centers or rural hotspots within their own peculiar features.

Identified during mapping and situational analysis are:

– Mobile Workers

1. (Daily Laborers, construction workers, seasonal workers including factory and commercial farm workers)

2. All drivers including taxi and truck drivers, tour car drivers, and long distance transport drivers

3. Civil servants and others who spend good portion of their time away from home

4. Mobile merchants

– In School Youth (aged 15-24) (enrolled in secondary school and/or tertiary level education including vocational and technical colleges and universities

– Uniformed Services (aged 18-45) include members of national defense forces, federal and regional police officers, and federal and regional prison administrations. They stay away from home for long time and most of them are single.

– Inmates (prisoners).