• Establishing/Strengthening of drop-in centers and provide services for sex workers
  • Conducting Training for sex workers
  • Conducting outreach activities
  • Distribution of different IEC/BCC and promotional materials
  • Conducting Training for other vulnerable groups
  • Conducting bi-monthly condom promotion events
  • Conducting by-monthly coffee ceremony sessions for sex workers in DICs to share experiences
  • Conducting Safer life campaigns (in both A.A & All Regions)
  • Opening of Condom Sales Spots
  • Conducting orientation workshops for establishment owners and managers
  • Establishing referral system and referring clients to health facilities for appropriate services (HCT, STI, FP etc) Conducting Life Skill Training & Establish Self Help Group at DICs
  • Provision of Business Development Service Training for the SHGs
  • Provision of  Seed Money for Self Help Groups
  • Conducting sensitization workshop for Law Enforcement/Police officers
  • Conducting orientation workshops for health facility workers
  • Bi-Annual Stakeholders meetings
  • Provision of  basic literacy/numeracy skills in DICs
  • Provide Scholarship program for sex worker



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